CTASIA - Service ตู้โทรศัพท์


       Our great products will provide the competitive advantages or increased productivity you are looking for, but it's our services and support that will make the difference. The Client Services division of CT Asia provides for all the services and support needs you may have, making certain that you're up and running and productive from the start. Our mission is not only to provide for our customers' service and support needs, but also to demonstrate the full capacity and the benefits of our products in a customer support- environment. We will then assist in enabling our customers to utilize these strategies to attain their highest level of communications within their organization.

Our service experts are there to assist you each step of the way from implementation and training through customization and support. Our technicians have backgrounds very similar to yours, people who have faced similar problems and can provide timely and accurate responses.

       Once InfoCentrix system is operational or during the implementation phase, the Interaction Call Center Support Center (CSC) is the focal point if you have problems or questions about our products or the associated environment. The CSC is staffed with highly skilled and technically proficient support professionals who are focused on providing the most timely and accurate responses to your requests.