CTASIA - InfoCentrix IVR/FoD ระบบโทรศัพท์

       InfoCentrix CRM Knowledge Services is the most comprehensive Services-CRM solution available today for delivering support excellence through your contact center. InfoCentrix CRM - Knowledge Services is well known in the service and support industry for its combination of full-featured, enterprise-level interaction and request management capabilities with multiple, leading-edge problem resolution technologies.

Powerful Problem Resolution Capabilities

       InfoCentrix CRM - Knowledge Services is one of the modules of the total contact center solution family, the InfoCentrix Suite, it provides comprehensive interaction for both problem tracking and problem resolution. The design of the Graphic user interface (GUI) screen serves the purpose for maximizing resolution efficiency in a user-friendly way. InfoCentrix CRM-Knowledge Services has evolved from simply tracking trouble tickets, complaints, recommendations and service requests by personnel to include problem/complaint management and resolution capabilities. On the truly open architecture, InfoCentrix CRM-Knowledge Services run on mainstream technologies such as Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Window XP allowing you to customize and expand the system at both the application and system level.

Maximized Contact Center Efficiency

       The call registration screen contains all the data a first-tier agent needs in order to effectively log an interaction with minimal number of keystrokes and the resolve many common problems through immediate access to the most efficient problem resolution tools. The diagnostic aids are built into the call registration screen, so that the agent can view with a click of a button all the possible number of solutions that the system has found.

       As a comprehensive solution for managing interactions and requests, InfoCentrix CRM - Knowledge Services is unique in its ability to track each problem separately and thoroughly, making reports more accurate and consistent. In addition, 'InfoCentrix CRM - Knowledge Services', ability to track and maintain service level agreements, enables you to gather the metrics you need to make informed, proactive support decisions.

       To maximize productivity and increase first-call resolution rates, InfoCentrix CRM - Knowledge Services has integrated multiple diagnostic technologies that provide instant knowledge, news and campaign information real time. All service staffs are able to access a single, normalized knowledge base to ensure consistent answers and efficient knowledge authoring.

       Demonstrating power and flexibility that is unique to the industry, InfoCentrix CRM - Knowledge Services offers access at any time to a wide range of problem resolution tools including: Full Text Search (FTS), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) , Error Code, timesensitive event alerts (Red News).

       The most efficient method of resolving a request or problem depends on both the agent's experience level and the complexity of the problem. For example, using Full Text Search is the most efficient way to diagnose non-structured problems, while FAQ is a type of "self-organizing system" more suited to handle dynamic, quickly-changing knowledge, because the knowledge base is automatically updated as it is being used.

Powerful Problem Resolution Capabilities

  • Customer Service Center Co-ordination/Collaboration Center
  • Help Desk Unit

Highlight features:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Workflow, Ticket Escalation
  • Problem Resolution Engine Web Collaboration
  • Job Assignment
  • ACD, CTI, SMS, Email, Web Chat Integration
  • Ability to attach PDF File, Video Clip, MS Office Document to the Knowledge Items
  • Support up to 200 users / server and can expand to multiple servers for more than 200 users