CTASIA - InfoCentrix IVR/FoD ตู้ PBX

       Allows your IVR applications to easily with server via LANs. For example, call routing, order processing, fund transfer, account balance retrieval, and other real-time database lookups, the InfoCentrix IVR/FoD system provides wide range of data interfaces for broad connectivity and robust performance. For telephone side, the InfoCentrix IVR/FoD can connect to any PBX or even directly from connect with PSTN including both analog and digital lines.

Highlight Features:

  • Play natural sound both from pre-recorded voice and from system-voice
  • Ability to transfer call to appropriate agent or group of agents (or voice mail if there is no agent is available) depending on IVR menu choice
  • Fax-on-Demand allows caller to request fax document to fax machine from where they are calling, or Fax Back to another fax machine to which the caller prefers
  • Support advanced dynamic and cost-effective sharing fax resource sharing
  • Fast and easy to change voice prompts, fax documents, and IVR menu structure
  • Unlimited IVR menu structure using powerfully GUI tool - 'InfoCentrix Designer'
  • Support ODBC compliant databases e.g. Oracle, Informix, MSSQL, Access, and AS/400 DB2
  • Multi-language supported
  • Provide Personal Identification
  • Support both analog line, E1, and ISDN