CTASIA - Info Centrix Outbound System

       InfoCentrix Multi-Touch Points 4.0 is the rising star of contact center software solution, architected and developed under SOA (service-oriented architecture) philosophy. Therefore InfoCentrix can provide centralized management and easily add intelligence to your existing Touch Point system; ranging from PBX, VoIP platform, Fax, Email, SMS, Web Chat, ….. all the way to ATM kiosk as well as your 3G applications.

       InfoCentrix allows you to tie any customer interaction and your resources together to better manage your contact center workforce, with reporting and analytic tools to help you meet your business goals by offering user-friendliness software for your staff

InfoCentrix Inbound Management 4.0

       Allows call center to handle and manage unlimited agent skills and groups to increase call handling efficiencies

InfoCentrix Outbound Management 4.0

       Is outbound management to customer that can be defined multimedia Communication Strategy also telephone Fax SMS and E-mail 

InfoCentrix Knowledge Services 4.0

       Allows users to handle and manage service inquiries easily, increasing first call resolution with help of problem resolution tools

InfoCentrix Order taking 4.0

       The application can dispatch orders to related branches effectively and also track records of every order.

InfoCentrix IVR/FoD

       Using services offered via voice menu, caller can get information automatically without any human interaction

InfoCentrix Report Center

       Allows manager/supervisor of contact center to generate management report on agent performance.

InfoCentrix 360

       the customer information centric solution to manage and utilize data around in one page by searching and selecting.

InfoCentrix DinsowSpond

       Providing for a call back just one button, New technology of contact call center solotion.

InfoCentrix SocialBot

       Monitoring feedback for customer mention about your business from social networks and other websites