CTASIA - Inbound Management ตู้ PABX


       Appointment managements helps business schedule and appointments get organized quickly and easily. It provides easy appointment alert capabilities for businesses seeking to become more organized and efficient.


       Call control can be handled using InfoCentrix Smart Agent on screen including on-line contact, categorized by group or skill set, results in quick and accurate coordinating people inside & outside call center. Provide call history information, make it easy to manage huge call volume each day.


       uring free time of your agent,‘Self-training’ tool can help your agents to enhance knowledge and better understanding of your products & services as well as any other customer service skill set that can provided via InfoCentirx using web service to access these training content.


       Hundreds of reports & graphs will summarize overall performance in your multi-touchpoint contact center, you can always evaluate performance against service level obligations. With reporting tool, you can also create your own reports. All data can be exported to third-party Business Intelligence application.reports.


       SMS can be sent either on one to one, or broadcasting message to the group of customers. The system also keep history of SMS transactions. same as other touchpoints, Simple & Friendly

Power Supervisor

       Display real-time status on entire Contact Center’s operation in order to inspect call volumes, abandon rate, and other performance ratios against KPI target on a single screen.

Multi-Touchpoint Queue Manager

       all touch-point interactions with your customer. Two types:
1. Live Contact : shows one that need immediate handling e.g. waiting call or waiting Web Chat.
2. Non-Live Contact : shows one that less immediate or need to contact back e.g. Email, dropped call, or requested call back from ATM kiosk etc.